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Owners, farmers, chefs, employees, and artisans are one big happy family at Herban Market

On a recent Thursday afternoon, Carl Haley sits among dozens of patrons filling Herban Market’s aromatic and inviting space. At one table, a couple converses over glasses of kombucha drawn from the tap. At another, a server places down a dish of seared, wild-caught Alaskan Yukon River keta salmon along with sautéed carrots, spinach, beets, and asparagus. The patron is clearly pleased. So too are the ones at the adjoining table, digging into their Caesar salad and meat lover’s pizza. As for Carl himself, he sips on a cappuccino, its frothy white surface adorned with the coffee-colored outline of a heart.

Four different tables, four very different dining decisions. However -- at Herban Market -- all share one thing in common: the healthiest possible sourcing of ingredients. Founded upon the principle of providing clean, healing ...

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