Our Roots

Hi! We're Matt and Ashlea Hogancamp!

Parents.  Lovers of Food.  Lover of Life. Wanna-be Gardeners and Farmers. Health Nuts.  When it comes to food, we live by the quote: “Let Food be thy Medicine, and Medicine by thy Food.” In the spirit of having our food heal us, it is even more imperative with today’s modern food supply to KNOW that you’re truly buying CLEAN, HEALING FOOD. Our commitment is to do just that: Provide clean, locally-sourced, organically-grown food and products.

Prior to opening the store we found ourselves, as Parents, with little access to truly clean, healthy foods to feed our family. We spent the extra money for the ‘higher quality’ foods, only to realize afterwards that the ingredients and sourcing of the food were not any better than the ‘value’ brands on the plastic-lined, fluorescent-lit shelves.

Upset by this, we realized there was a huge void in what was available to us as consumers, and more importantly, as new parents. So, we decided to fill that void – in some small way – and provide an option for our community, friends, family, and neighbors to find truly clean, organically-grown, responsibly-raised food. Food that is void of pesticides, herbicides, hormones, antibiotics, GMOs, artificial sweeteners, artificial coloring, synthetic fillers, and petroleum by-products.  With that decision, and from that point on, we immediately began making plans. We quit our jobs. We sold our house and furniture.

And 1 year later, opened an all-organic, organically-grown, locally-sourced Grocery / Health Food / Real Food market, now Restaurant.  

Meet Herban Market.


Here, we are insanely focused on quality and local, and allowing local, high-quality artisans and vendors a place to sell their products. Regardless if they have beautiful packaging and bar codes. If their product is clean and high quality, we want other families to have access to it, too. For Moms and Dads that can’t get to the farmers market on the weekend to access the wealth of local vendors, we are that resource for them – fitting into a busy, modern-day parent’s schedule.  We’re open 7 days a week.

It goes without saying, that it is utterly important which ingredients we put into and onto our own family’s bodies.  If we wouldn’t feed it to – or lather it on – our family, it’s NOT going into our store. Period.

This is our passion.  This is our life.

We want it to be a healthy, happy one.  And we hope for others to have the same opportunity.  Here, we feel like we’re giving people a truly viable option for REAL food, and that makes us really happy.


Welcome to Herban Market!