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Eat real, be real.


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Come post-up at our bar and choose from a selection of quality local beers on-draft or a glass of biodynamic, sustainable wine.

Need a bottle? We have the best selection of organic, biodynamic, clean wines (and bubbly!) around.


Sample through our ultra premium olive oils, and white and dark balsamic vinegars. From classic to fun flavors like Alfoos Mango and Cascadian Wild Raspberry, you won't find any yucky dyes or fake flavorings. Only the finest REAL ingredients, with no added sugars or artificial anything, ever. We know you'll taste the difference. That's why we offer samples and then pour directly from the fusti into the bottle size of your choice.


We do the research so you (and your kids!) can shop worry-free. You won't find any GMO ingredients, soy, or canola oil on our shelves. Browse our refrigerated section for local finds like (organically-fed) duck eggs, cheeses, and the best lettuce around. At Herban Market, we see "picky" as a good thing!


Building a strong terrain has never been more important. We love to geek-out finding the best supplements for our guests. We often find customers just looking around the wellness aisle for fun while waiting for their coffee orders. From herbal remedies to homeopathic, medicinal mushrooms to CBD, pregnancy to baby and kids, we've got you covered no matter your stage of life or ailment.


Our in-house, from-scratch bakery uses only the finest organic ingredients and supplies our restaurant with everything from hamburger buns to pits. Keep a look-out for specialty baked goods like our GF, DF chocolate banana muffins or sourdough bread loaves. But fair-warning, they sell-out in a blink!


Clean living doesn't stop at what we put in our mouths. At Herban Market, our customers know that our skin is our body's largest organ and absorbs everything we put on it. You'll find an amazing selection of non endocrine-disrupting bath and beauty products. Most are local to-boot!

What is Herban Market?

We've never liked to be put in a box.

What began as a true "market," in 2015, by husband-and-wife founders, Matt and Ashlea Hogancamp, quickly grew into much more.

Today we are most accurately defined by our passion - to bring our community the best of the best in food, drink, and wellness.

Our business has evolved but our mission remains the same.

all organic. all the time.


order at the counter and find a seat

- or -


call us or order online and pick up

". . . because health is worth committing to and investing in."

- Ashlea Hogancamp

Co-Founder, Herban Market

Our Commitment to you!

- Organic or organic practices or vetted to be clean

- GMO and glyphosate-free

- No preservatives or MSG

- No artificial sweeteners or dyes 

- Seed oil free for prepared foods

- No soy or canola

- Gluten-free & dairy-free options

- Vegan & vegetarian & paleo & keto options

- In-house bakery

If we can't source ingredients that meet our quality standards, we don't serve it. Period. Only whole, real ingredients come through our kitchen doors. No short-cuts. Every dressing, spread, and sauce is made in-house from-scratch. Same goes for every bun, pita, bread, pizza crust and baked goods.

here to serve you
food and drinks
casual environment
Meet Chef Bobby Benjamin

Chef Bobby Benjamin recently joined forces with Herban Market in Franklin, Tennessee as Executive Chef. A natural pairing given their shared food philosophy and attention to the highest quality sourcing and craft.


Benjamin’s culinary philosophy is simple, like his food; respect ingredients, cook with integrity and be honest on the plate. Benjamin’s award-winning career is marked by the common thread of creating restaurants, approachable food, elegant in its texture and taste – all in an inviting atmosphere.

Benjamin’s chef career embodies a wide range of knowledge and passion for foods; paying homage to classic traditions, while using humble recipes and techniques for soul-satisfying flavor.

Benjamin studied at Sullivan University’s National Center for Hospitality Studies in Louisville, KY, where he refined and expanded his skills by working with renowned chefs Sean Brock, Todd Richards and Gino Angelini.

Moving to Tennessee feels like “coming home” for Chef Bobby and his wife, Hannah (who grew up in Franklin), and their four daughters. With the shared vision and mission at Herban Market, his personal beliefs are taking root in his professional world.

Herban Market’s mission has been steadfast for more than eight years since its conception: to serve real, honest food through organic and organically-grown ingredients, giving keen attention to sourcing, delicately handling each ingredient, and crafting nourishing creations for every meal.

Herban Market was founded in 2015 by husband and wife, Matt and Ashlea Hogancamp, to be a health food market with fresh organic produce, grocery items, olive oils and balsamic vinegars, health supplements, and drip coffee. The company is still committed to the original core mission, plus more. Now, with a booming organic restaurant, wine bar, and coffee bar, Herban Market continues to be led by owners plus award-winning Chef Bobby Benjamin. It’s a one-of-a-kind place offering a variety of the highest-quality ingredients and products in a casual and convenient setting - now with the elevat- ed culinary techniques for every single menu item. This is an exciting partnership and huge step forward for the next chapter of how Herban Market can serve its ever-growing organic community!

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here to serve you
food and drinks
casual environment
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