Welcome to Herban Market!

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Organic Restaurant

All organic, made-from-scratch breakfast, lunch, and dinner!  

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Organic Groceries

Always Organic, or Organically-Grown locally. Food as it should be. Without the use of harmful chemicals and ingredients.


Olive Oil and Balsamic

Tasting Bar

The world’s highest quality extra virgin olive oils and balsamic vinegars. Taste the difference for yourself at our Tasting Bar!



Organic + Local Coffee Bar

We serve E&B locally-roasted organic beans and local Hatcher Dairy in our full-service coffee bar. Lots of dairy-free and seasonal coffee options!



Welcome to Herban Market!

At Herban Market, we envision a really fun journey towards a wholesome, healthy, and happy life.  With that in mind, we provide only the highest quality organic & local foods and supplements, while investing in the wellness, health, and beauty of our neighbors, neighborhoods, and mother earth.


We provide our community and local families with a truly, healthy resource for clean food. Everything in the store will be free of GMOs, artificial coloring, artificial sweeteners, and chemicals. We get it. Life is Busy. At Herban Market, we’ve taken the burden on ourselves to research the products, ingredients, and sourcing. We help Moms and Dads so they don’t have to spend countless hours researching every. single. ingredient. We’ve already done it.

If we wouldn’t feed it to our family, it won’t be in the store. Period. “Green washing” only occurs when we rinse our kale! We provide a fun & warm experience (with cool music) where families can find the highest quality foods and products to put in and on their bodies.


Our Signature Sourdough Bread

Most grains & breads have a pretty bad reputation, especially when you consider the modern methods of making breads. However, bread doesn't have to be something we must avoid! We just need to get back to a more logical, tried & true way of making the breads we consume. Introducing, Herban Market's sourdough bread! Check out this video of the making of our sourdough bread. Available from our restaurant - and if you're lucky from our baked goods case. They sell fast! Not only does Sourdough taste better (in our opinion) but it's easier to digest.


So why do grains and breads get such a bad rep? If you'd like more information, check out this article from Weston A Price which includes recipes for making it yourself at Our Daily Bread - The Weston A. Price Foundation (westonaprice.org)

"According to a recent article in Science Magazine (September 27, 2002), gluten in grain is not fully broken down, even by all the digestive enzymes normally present in the digestive track. What does break down gluten, according to the article, is a bacterial enzyme … just what the bacteria in a sour dough culture are likely to produce! The Science article stated sadly that it would be years before medicine would have a pill available for celiac sufferers–but why not just apply a little logic to the problem and go back to preparing bread with a long fermentation. This ancient method of producing bread not only seems to digest or completely break down the gluten, but also neutralizes enzyme inhibitors (that interfere with digestion) and phytic acid (that block mineral absorption). Bread prepared in this old-fashioned way is truly the staff of life–a highly nutritious storage food that provides many nutrients in a form that is delicious and easy to digest."

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